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e. / dinictis
friendly, but rather private!
(I don't like attention very much at all!)

just a personal account kept here for commenting/commissioning/following and keeping up with some artists & friends!
[ I have chronic debilitating health issues (disabilities) that can be very disruptive;
I apologize if I'm slow or forget to respond! ]


What I have available for trade & certain(***) resells:
(***adopts without marked prices are not for resell!)
mostly only looking to trade for [species/designers listed here]!

:target: currently on the hunt for!:
(aka, species of my highest interest/priority currently!)
:bulletred: PhloxeButt: Mantibab, Kanti, Phloxe
:bulletgreen: paexiedust: Giraffaroos
:bulletgreen: Sapphu-Adopts: Lantern Dragon
:bulletgreen: kub-e: Coukyo
:bulletgreen: Fumi-LEX: Fumi
:bulletblue: bananamantis: Weaver
:bulletblue: VlLHO: Fishthing
& others from [the list above]!
If you have any of these up for offers (willing to trade/sell), please feel free to contact me! =)

:heart: :iconc3rmen: :iconwitchpaws: :iconcoyoteluck: :iconclovercoin::iconcattuccino::iconretrorodent: :heart:
(and much cooler than me.. go!)

BE SURE TO ♥ VISIT:iconpillowing-pile:! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
:iconshroomkin-fans: AND GET A SHROOMKIN!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
[ID image by Pand-ASS; thank you!]
it's time for some adopt(+Other Things) weeding!
given my recent medical situation (hospitalization), I've decided to resell some of the designs I haven't been using &/or haven't found a use for yet. additionally also because: I feel massive shame in "hoarding" (in the sense where I don't give designs/characters enough attention/use, drawing. aka: they deserve more love! IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING, LET IT FREE!!!) in, I'd rather these beauties go towards someone who will love/use them more! 

so here's the contenders!
(for more info/anything else, my RESELLS tag is always!… !)
prices are all in USD!

cheetah-dragon hybrid (non-closed species) one-off design by Rawwwrr03 on FA/alexissheltered!

by Rani on FA! (unsure if it is a closed species or not? I think it may be a one-off/original, non-closed species design??)

Indigo Mimic Conduit Cat! a closed species by OhNoNoel/awkwardarbor/drawsomething on tumblr!

Physical items I'm selling (trying to resell):

a Handmade (artist crafted!) Lyra Plush (MLP:FiM), made by Soapybacon/TheHarley!
She is 8.5 inches long and 5 inches tall, and in perfect condition!
(ideally) looking for $115 +shipping, the same price I paid for her!
May be willing to haggle a a Little bit. (please be kind, haha)

my YutakaYumi(!!!) Handmade (artist crafted!) Kiba Plush (main character from Wolf's Rain)! 
He is a Pretty Big Plush! Around 12 inches (very soft + cuddly, and a good size for hugging!), extremely well made + still in flawless condition!
EXTREMELY RARE. a handmade original from YutakaYumi, who has completely disappeared online/no longer makes plush anymore[?] 
looking for $115 +shipping for him (shipping price warning: remember, he's quite big!). 
(may be willing to haggle a a Little bit; mostly maybe slight discount on shipping overseas, but...)

EDITKiba Cub pic 1 by YutakaYumiKiba Cub pic 2 by YutakaYumiKiba Cub pic 4 bottom by YutakaYumiKiba Cub pic 3 back by YutakaYumi
found the original posts/photos YutakaYumi posted up when she made him! he's still in exactly the same condition! :)

this Completely New, Unused/Unopened 12 Colors Sketch Set of Copic Markers! 
originally bought for a lil over $100 (the retail $96 price+NY TAX)-- it was probably around $105-115, something like that.
I'm (ideally) looking for $96+shipping to you.
May be willing to haggle a Little bit. (i could possibly do $96 flat including shipping within the USA/a slight discount to shipping overseas, but) Day56 - Happy Cry 

if you're interested/would like to inquire+purchase anything, please leave a comment on this journal 
(if possible! you can PM too if you need to, but I heavily prefer comment threads because of my health issues/medical disabilities. )

I can also be reached by EMAIL --- !!!  (just please be sure to title your e-mail, less it end up in my spam filter Death ;;)  

[also: I really hate asking, but if anyone is willing to help signal boost this journal for me, I would so, so, so, appreciate it.]

thank you so much folks, for bearing with me, +if you've managed to read all the way through all this! Huggle!little heart 
Heart  - e.

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